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Computer Technician Examining Server ca. 2003

A computer network is the backbone to a powerful communications system. Implemented properly, a computer network proves to be an indispensable asset. A fine-tuned network offers such advantages as the effortless sharing of information, E-mail and GroupWare Integration, network printing, faxing and Internet access. Network Specialists takes great care in designing and implementing quality networks that serve the needs of your business with ease of use, budget and future expansion in mind.

A viable network solution involves the careful integration of hardware and software. Our staff will fit those pieces together using the best equipment available. Our dedicated staff will also commit to keep your networks optimized. They are trained to analyze network performance and reliability including switches, hubs, servers, routers, and operating systems.

Network Specialists specializes in the supply, installation and support of local (LAN), wide (WAN) area and virtual private (VPN) networks. We have installed many networks from small peer-to-peer Windows systems, right through to multi-server heterogeneous computing environments. Our highly trained and certified networking consultants can work with you to determine your exact hardware and software requirements; we will then fully install all cabling, hardware and software.  Network Specialists has engineers trained in the installation and support of all major network operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2008.