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Business Technology Solutions

Network Specialists

Intelligent Technology Solutions
Computer Systems
Save money and time by having a PC or computer system designed specifically for your business or personal needs.
Share data and communicate with customers, vendors, and staff. We can connect systems from the next desk to worldwide. We also provide maintenance and repair for PC and computer networks of all sizes.
Office Anywhere
We can help businesses grow by delivering applications to remote and home offices while reducing your investment in infrastructure. We eliminate the cost of self-built facilities that can be costly to operate and beyond the financial means and technical skills of many small businesses.

Computer and Network Setup

Whether your office is all in one place or you’ve embraced a flexible work space, we can take care of all your networking needs.

Data Protection & Recovery

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Our data protection and recovery services are top class. When disaster strikes, we’ll be there to help to insure your data isn’t a casualty.

Project Consultation

No matter the size of the project, Network Specialists can assist you in all stages of the project. From conception through completion, we’ll help you keep your project on-track, on-time and on-budget.

Support, Repair & Maintenance

We can help you keep your business up and running. With tech support, PC repair and maintenance, we will make sure your team is always functioning.